Jeremiah is an artist of tremendous energy and passion. 

Growing up in California, many years were spent surfing along the California Coast. His intimacy; with nature surrounding him, grew while experiencing the endless horizons of water stretched out before him. Drawing as a child along side his parents( which were artist in there own rights) his life was filled with freedom of expression. Fascinated with the evolving electronic game world Jeremiah added another dimension to his creativity, giving him the ability to deeply immerse imaginatively. Later traveling to much loved islands in Tahiti, Bahamas, Kona Hawaii and St. Johns brought a singleness to his personal pursuit of the sea that later became a visceral experience brought on by the sheer seduction of nature. Increasingly drawn to art he attended Otis.
In his larger than life style, paintings can range from 10 to 15 feet. He uses either egg tempera or oil with precision. His old world knowledge of mixing pigment has provided the ability to develop a formula for egg tempera to accommodate the scope of his  paintings. Working with an impassioned desire for creative freedom yet held at bay by his primary choice in medium; egg tempera, that requires firm control a contradiction develops. Paintings from a distance appear tightly detailed albeit viewed up close one see’s a tapestry of overlapping woven lines mixed with tonal dots of pigment layered upon each other… and illusive, fully felt ultimately defining the subject matter. Each painting portrays individualuality that resonates with Japanese like esthetics, singing of austere beauty mixed with the pathos of things perceived but not fully seen.”Yugen ” is a term in japanese esthetics meaning mysterious grace which appears  abundantly in these landscape paintings.
In a world of dichotomy, Jeremiah’s imaginative, beautiful paintings find relevance for a generation that is passionate, single minded, edgy and concerned about the earth that is occupied by man. The paintings bring us into a panoramic landscape suspended in the stillness of time reminding us of the fragile beauty we share briefly. We are left to take the experience of tentative moodiness that is evoked by the hand and heart of the artist with us.  
Seascapes like no other. You can view his work here or make an appointment.